Do you remember revolution? Images from Italy 1977.


Here are a few images of Italy mainly from 1977. One of the most interesting moments of post-war European history when tanks were sent to quell a revolt in red Bologna and the British and French governments were contemplating a coup d’etat to prevent Italy from sliding into revolution. Italy’s long cycle of struggles from 1968/9 to the late seventies are, in many ways, far more interesting than France’s 1968 but far less well-known. Here is a small selection of images. In the coming months a larger selection of texts will explore some of the phenomena linked with these images.

“the city was running alive with housing occupations, auto-reduction struggles, spontaneous unauthorised demonstrations, and “Mao-Dada” provocations at official ceremonies and demonstrations”

lo russo

Francesco lo Russo, a militant of Lotta Continua, shot dead by police in March, 1977.


Bologna, 11/03/77

Bologna, 11/03/78 foto di Enrico Scuro

Radio Alice – the voice of the ‘movimento del ’77’, closed by the carabinieri in March 1977.

Bologna, March 1977

Feminist Demonstration


Il Re Nudo (The Naked King), a counter-cultural magazine.

Andrea Pazienza

Andrea Pazienza’s Zanardi, one of his most well-known series of fumetti.


The Metropolitan Indians. 

Let’s take over the city

Il Male – satrical journal


Fake copy of Paese Sera (made by Il Male) which states that one of Italy’s most well-known actors, Ugo Tognazzi, is the head of the Red Brigades

Newspaper headline about police clash with leftists who sell cinema tickets at reduced prices (in practice known as autoriduzione)

Another underground satirical magazine ‘ Cannibale’ founded in 1977.

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