Vladimir Ishchenko ‘On those I hate’ (those responsible for the mess in Ukraine)


To take a critical position in uneasy times is a thankless task. For some hysterical idiots I’ve lain down with the fascists, for others I’ve betrayed my homeland. One needs to value one’s time and use it effectively, so I’ve answered everyone in one text.

I hate the Euro idiots who started all this movement due to their Euro pipe dreams and cultural chauvinism.
I hate that scumbag who grabbed on to power, in spite of tens of deaths and now wishes to return to the country on foreign tanks.
I hate the former opposition and present-day government which found nothing better to do than to save their language, bring fascists into the government and promise unpopular social measures.
I hate the Crimean authorities who trembling for fear of their seats in government are happy to serve in an administration of occupiers.
I hate that tyrant in the Kremlin who needs a small victorious war to strengthen the rouble and his own quasi autocratic power.
I hate all those “deeply concerned” European and American bureaucrats who are implementing sanctions just now as the government has already been overthrown and if they are ready to give any help they will do so only with extortionate conditions attached.
I hate Ukrainian fascist and Russian fascists who can’t come to terms with the reality of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual country and are ready to destroy it.
I hate those ‘liberals’ who dirtied themselves playing with Ukrainian fascists on the Maidan not dissociating themselves from them, and so preventing the chance of creating a genuinely national and democratic movement rather than pushing the country towards civil war.
I hate myself and other leftists for the fact that most of the time we were lost in internecine shit rather than in building a genuinely strong political organisation and so we found no way to have any influence on the Maidans and the anti Maidans. A part of the responsibility also lies with us.
And in general I’m for peace in the entire world. Today I returned to my country at war and am hoping that everything will limit itself to the Second Crimean War, and not to a Third World war. Because that will end not in any world revolution (there’s less chance of that now than a hundred years ago) but in a nuclear holocaust.
Russian comrades, go out onto the city squares of your cities to stop the intervention in Ukraine.
Ukrainian comrades, let’s think what we can do. Surely not enroll in to the ‘Right Sector’.

About afoniya

I am a translator, language teacher, independent film scholar who is interested in many aspects of culture. I have my own blog on Russian and Soviet cinema at http://giuvivrussianfilm.blogspot.com and I have also written for journals such as Film Philosophy and Bright Lights as well as Ribbed magazine. Outside of film my interest runs to language, politics, literature and my world is centred around the Meditteranean, Russia, Southern Ukraine as well as the UK.

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