My name is Giuliano Vivaldi. I am a translator, blogger and occasionally write for various publications (mainly on Russian and Soviet cinema). My interests, however, are much broader than that. With this blog I aim to post on subjects not directly related to Russian and Soviet cinema. I have another blog where I concentrate on this subject: as well as blogs on Juan Rodolfo Wilcock, radical perspectives on food cultures etc.

I presently live in the Moscow Region (20 kilometers outside Moscow) but spend periods of time in both the UK (Brighton) and Italy (Riomaggiore). Other cities where I have lived include Trieste, Odessa, Salamanca, Madrid and Barcelona and I have travelled extensively through Crimea. I spent one year in the city of Novokuznetsk and lived two years in the Trentino region of Italy. I aim to publish a full length study on Soviet and post-Soviet film as well as publish translations of Juan Rodolfo Wilcock. I am also working on a script for a Russian film to be co-produced with Austria.
I tweet on twitter here: @GiulianoVivaldi


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    • well this is a translation of an article which appeared in Russian not from my own research- I haven’t managed to check the sources of the article but the original article was here: There are, I think, books on workers resistance and opposition in the Soviet Union. I’ll try to check up on some titles. I checked some of the names on an internet search- seemed to corroborate some of what was written in the article. It’s certainly a subject matter which has been neglected and deserves more thorough study.

  1. ciao giuliano, sono nikolay oleynikov, you recently commented on our book . first of all – thank you for your great review! it’s flattering indeed. secondly, we are about to republish the book as the first edition is off, so Svob Marx Izd would like to ask for your permission to quote a line from your review on the cover of the book. if you would not have general objections how woud you prefere to be mentioned there with your own name or with the name of your blog, or both. please let us know.
    thank you in advance

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