My Juan Rodolfo Wilcock Blog.


Juan Rodolfo Wilcock

For those of you who have been reading my Juan Rodolfo Wilcock posts I’d like to let you know that they are being transferred to a new blog

On that blog I shall gradually be putting up both the occasional translations found on this blog, further translations as well as a whole host of commentaries on the author by other writers, reviews of both his books and books about him, translations of articles on him by other writers (as well as the one by Roberto Bolaño found here and much else beside. Including the tale of his speaking cat. So please visit that new site too.

By the way, there is also my Luther Blissett Food and Drink Blog as well as my more established blog on Russian and Soviet film

About afoniya

I am a translator, language teacher, independent film scholar who is interested in many aspects of culture. I have my own blog on Russian and Soviet cinema at and I have also written for journals such as Film Philosophy and Bright Lights as well as Ribbed magazine. Outside of film my interest runs to language, politics, literature and my world is centred around the Meditteranean, Russia, Southern Ukraine as well as the UK.

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