Unfree Fall (Ukrainian Left Opposition’s statement on the toppling of Lenin statue in Kharkov)


I am hoping to return to the subject of Lenin statues and revolutionary monuments, but here is the immediate reaction of the Ukrainian Left Opposition regarding the toppling of Lenin’s statue in Kharkov two days ago

The toppling of the Lenin statue in Kharkov.

The so-called “Peace March” in Kharkov ended with the habitual barbarity- the destruction of the Lenin statue. These acts have nothing to do with the reconciliation of society. There is no doubt that such provocations are of use only for the Russian aggressor which brazenly acts like a parasite on the Soviet past not having any real relation to such a past. With such patriots as ours it can not be excluded that Russian tanks won’t soon be rolling into Kharkov. And so on the liberated pedestal some monument to Putin will arise. By itself the destruction of monuments are not a tragedy. But in today’s situation it can only lead to a further break up of the country. The Kiev Lenin statue was toppled when today’s nationalists were still in opposition. Now they are already in power and are carrying on just as before. It is lamentable that the masses are deceiving themselves in such a way enjoying such a cheap spectacle in the absence of any real achievements from the authorities.

Toppling Lenin to put Putin in his place?

Staunch Russian imperialists from the Donetsk People’s Republic hate Lenin who was a consistent opponent against the enslavement to national myths. For them he was a rabid ‘russophobe’. The oligarchical Ukraine authorities also hate Lenin accusing him of “Ukrainophobia”. Likewise reactionaries in different nations explain everything in simplistic language for their own supporters. Surely is this not the best means to reawaken the interest of thinking peoples to the legacy of an outstanding revolutionary?

Scenes from the meeting where an opponent of the toppling of the Lenin is beaten by right-wing nationalists.


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